10 Step Wardrobe Revamp

Step 4


Define Your Personal Style

Go back over all the information you have collected about your preferences to identify themes and combine everything into a coherent story line (= your personal style). Your goal is to end up with a concrete profile of your style that you can use to overhaul your wardrobe.



Creating a clear profile of your style is a super fun and satisfying exercise, but more importantly it will also give you a roadmap for the next steps of your wardrobe revamp. With your style profile on hand, you can pinpoint exactly what pieces you still need for you to be able to express your style.

Plus, a style profile makes sticking to shopping resolutions so much easier because you’ll be able to confidently say “yep that’s my style” or “no that piece won’t fit well into my wardrobe”.


Build a mood board that captures the overall style you found yourself drawn to the most during these last few steps. Pick your favourite pictures from your initial inspiration search and also include pictures of any new elements you discovered as you tried on clothes.

Then, write a detailed summary of your style. Describe: What is the underlying theme of my style? What are the main characteristics (think: colours, silhouettes, specific pieces, fabrics, styling techniques).

If you like you can also give your style a name!

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10 Step Wardrobe Revamp

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