10 Step Wardrobe Revamp

Step 1


Set Goals

Start your style journey by taking a good look at your current closet. What do you like about the clothes you wear and what needs to change? Do you want to improve your shopping habits? Step out of your comfort zones and discover what types of clothes give you confidence? Build up a versatile work wardrobe for your new job? Define your goals as clearly as possible and do it in writing!



Starting a wardrobe revamp without goals is like heading off on a road trip without a map. You need to be super clear about what’s currently not working for you in the style and closet department, so you know what to focus on during the next steps.

Defining your goals will also help prevent the most common mistake people make once they have decided their wardrobe needs a makeover: shotgun shopping, i.e. aimlessly buying a bunch of so-so pieces as a quick-fix.


Take half an hour or so to go through your closet and do a little soul searching. How does your current wardrobe make you feel? What do you already like about your style, the clothes you own and the way you shop? What aspects need changing?

For best results, answer all of these questions in writing. At the end, write down your main goals and why you want to achieve them.

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10 Step Wardrobe Revamp

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