Wardrobe Diagnostics: Why you don't have anything to wear

Who hasn't been there...

Your closet is jam-packed but you just cannot come up with a single outfit to wear. Despite how common the symptom is, the underlying cause can be hard to pinpoint. Why? Because your wardrobe is a pretty complex organism. Its health and functionality are completely dependent on the individual components it is based on, like your style concept and shopping strategy. One 'sick', undeveloped component could infect the entire organism and leave you with nothing but a whole lot of frustration and wardrobe anxiety.

To help you figure out your wardrobe's individual weak spot, I've created a little flow chart complete with a recommended course of treatment for each diagnosis.  If you want to start treatment right away, go down to the bottom of this post for resources and a couple of first-step ideas.

Why you don't have anything to wear: A flow chart
Why you don't have anything to wear: A flow chart

Treatment Resources