Free multi-purpose wardrobe planner

Free Printable Wardrobe Planner

The idea for today's post came from one of my lovely readers, Wendy. Here's what she emailed me a few days ago:

"I came across your website last week, and I'm incredibly happy that I did. I've purchased the workbook, and I've only begun going through my closet (it's out of control), but I can already see how the methods you've come up with can easily apply to other areas of my life, as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

I had a quick question about the Summer wardrobe planner that you posted last year. It's perfect for all seasons, so being able to change the seasons and year references would be awesome (and would look better than having things red-lined). Would you consider posting it as an editable document?"

Amazing idea, how have I not thought of that sooner.... Especially since I have actually been using a modified version of the planner myself to map out my seasonal wardrobes ever since I first posted it last summer. But better late than never, right?

So I spent a bit of time this morning to create a new multi-purpose, easy-to-print, expanded version of the original planner. You can use it to...

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