Pre-order "The Curated Closet" + cover reveal

The Curated Closet: A simple system for discovering your personal style and building your dream wardrobe

After almost two years of writing, shooting, editing and more editing "The Curated Closet" is now officially a wrap and available for pre-order (still cannot believe I am writing this).

I am hugely thankful to everyone who was involved in making this book (I now totally understand the need for long and drawn-out acknowledgement sections :)). I am so happy with how it's all turned out and I cannot wait until you guys finally get to read it in September!

You can order your copy at any of these places:

The book is available worldwide, both as a hard copy and Kindle edition, and of course you'll also be able to buy it in stores (from September 20th).

I will definitely give you an in-depth tour of the book a little closer to the publication date. What I can already share today is the full table of contents, plus a few sneak peeks of the photography and our gorgeous models.

Take a look :)



Table of contents


Introduction: A tale of bargains, impulse buys, and seasonal must-haves

Closet Diagnostics: Why you don’t have anything to wear


1. The Curated Closet philosophy
2. Getting started: Define the status quo and set style goals


3. What your clothes say about you
4. Discover your style, phase I: Get inspired
5. Discover your style, phase II: Experiment and fine-tune
6. Putting it all together: Your style profile


7. Closet detox: The complete guide
8. How to build a wardrobe that fits your life (not your fantasy life)
9. Closet composition 101
10. Selecting a versatile color palette

11. Working with outfit formulas
12. Business hours: Tweaking your wardrobe for work
13. Overhauling your wardrobe: A step-by-step roadmap
14. How (and when) to build a capsule wardrobe
15. Become your own best stylist


16. How to shop like a conscious consumer
17. Decision time: When to buy and when to keep looking
18. How to stop overspending and make the most of your budget
19. Assessing garment quality: A beginner’s guide
20. Practical pointers for finding clothes that fit well
21. Maintaining and updating your wardrobe throughout the year: A timeline



Photo sneak peeks

A mini selection from the book's 80+ photos. I'll be sharing lots more sneak peeks in the coming months on Instagram, you can follow me here.


The photo team: The model photography was shot by Anna Rose, styled by Alexandra Heckel. The cover and clothing photography was shot by Kelly Puleio and styled by Lisa Moir. Models: Lucia Luciano, Viktoria Bruns, Lara Rusbült and Jasmin Abraha.