10 Step Wardrobe Revamp

Step 2


Collect Inspiration

The best way to discover your personal style is to expose yourself to as many different aesthetics as possible, to get a feeling for what types of clothes you are naturally drawn to. Get creative, collect a ton of inspiration from blogs, magazines and Pinterest, and save every image that speaks to you in some way.



Personal style may seem like a fuzzy, abstract concept, but really it’s quite simple. Your style is a mix of preferences for certain colours, silhouettes, fabrics and so on - that’s it. Even as a complete fashion newbie, you already have the basis for a strong personal style within you: you probably like certain materials more than others, or love all things navy blue.

But the rest of your preferences may still exist only on a subconscious level (or not at all, because you have never seen a specific style or combination before). Discovering your style means

  • uncovering ALL of your preferences, and
  • figuring out how they could all fit together to create a single narrative or theme.

Step 2 of the 10 Step Wardrobe Revamp is where you’ll take care of the “uncovering” part, by exposing yourself to a ton of different aesthetics.


Reserve an afternoon or evening for a big inspiration session. Comb through magazines, blogs and pinterest and save every image that speaks to you in one place. Then identify themes: Which colours, materials and silhouettes do you gravitate towards? Look for these elements:

  • Individual colours and colour combinations
  • Specific items or item combinations
  • Materials and fabrics
  • Silhouettes and cuts
  • Overall themes
  • Styling (accessories, tucking tops, rolling up hemlines, make up, etc.)

Your goal is to end up with a big list of stuff that you love.

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10 Step Wardrobe Revamp

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