Book Recommendation: "How to Get Dressed"

"How to Get Dressed" Book review |

Attention all fellow book worms! If you still have a free spot on your summer reading list, get yourself a copy of costume designer Alison Freer’s amazingly helpful "How to Get Dressed: A Costume Designer's Secrets for Making Your Clothes Look, Fit, and Feel Amazing" That is, if you haven’t read it already! That book has held the top spot in the style category on Amazon for months now, and for good reason.

"How to Get Dressed" is not only a fun read, it’s also chokeful of practical knowledge. On a little less than 240 pages, Alison teaches you how to assess and improve the fit of your clothes, what to get altered and how to find a great tailor, how to fix issues like pockets that pop open or busted zipper using simple tools you already have at home, and how to properly take care of every piece in your wardrobe. In short: How to make the clothes you already own look and feel better.

All of these are things that you rarely (or never) read about elsewhere, but that can mean the difference between an outfit (and a whole closet) that’s just meh and one that’s level 10 amazing (whatever that means to you).

If there was a college course on how to dress well, this book would be required reading. But unlike many other fashion books, "How to Get Dressed" doesn’t try to tell you what to wear, but instead recognises that style is something inherently personal and subjective. There is even a whole chapter about "Dumb fashion rules that were made for breaking”. I love it!

Have you read “How to Get Dressed”? What did you think?

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