Style Profile: Tine Fleischer // INATTENDU


Tine Fleischer's tumblr INATTENDU was one of the very first blogs I started reading regularly (about two years ago) and I still look forward to each one of her well-curated posts full of goodies and new discoveries from the design world. Her refined minimalist and clean style made her my dream candidate for the second installment of the Style Profiles series. Read on to find out more about Tine's own personal style, her signature look and her refreshing approach to fashion.

Enter Tine.

Where are you from? Describe a typical day in your life. I was born in Germany, but moved to Switzerland 10 years ago. My days are pretty crowded – I never return home before 8pm from my dayjob in an advertising agency. Then I try to go for a run at least two times a week and attend my Pilates class once a week – it's really relaxing after long days in front of the computer and a great way to clear my mind. If I'm in the mood I return to my computer to work on my blog for two or three hours or I go out with my friends.

How would you describe your current personal style? Mainly minimalism but I surprise myself from time to time with some unexpected twists.

Do you have a signature look or a uniform? I have a weakness for plain white t-shirts, cropped jeans and bare ankles with flat shoes. I'm always amazed how easily they can be spruced up with a fancy coat or some statement jewelry.

Have you set yourself any guidelines for shopping? Do you plan your purchases? I'm getting better and better on buying less but better quality items.

Do you have a formula for building outfits in the morning? Do you strive for variety in your everyday looks? To be honest on a typical weekday morning I tend to be in a hurry. So I often find myself leaving the house wearing one of my well proven outfits.

Image 1

Does you personal style transcend to other lifestyle areas, such as how you decorate your living space? Like my wardrobe my private space could be described as minimalistic with a twist. I can call some carefully selected vintage furniture my own, combined with mostly white "basic furniture" to make them stand out.

To what extent do current trends influence your wardrobe choices? Of course I get influenced by trends but I don't feel the need to jump on every bandwagon. Some trends only look good on others and you just have got to accept that. For example I think I'm just too small for wide leg pants. And there are trends of course I never get a kick out of – like that horrible wedge sneaker trend for example. Thank God it's over.

Are there any aspects about your personal style and wardrobe that you are not yet happy with, such as your wardrobe organisation or any items you want to incorporate but can't figure out how to pull off? My wardrobe is way too small and – like probably every girl – I'm dreaming of having a walk-in closet someday.

Do you ever get tired of fashion and aesthetics? How do you stay inspired? There's maybe only one day of the year when I don't care about fashion at all – the day after New Year's Eve. For me it has become a tradition to spend this whole day in my pajamas. I don't actually seek for inspiration it just comes my way, maybe because I always keep my eyes open.

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Describe your signature beauty look. How important is hair and make up to your overall style? Usually I don't wear any make-up as for some unknown reason I'm blessed with good skin, but I often use some blush and a my Clinique concealer. And I always wear dark brown mascara, because I think it looks more natural than black. Most of the time my hair is tied up, I often wear a low bun these days.

Are you conscious of which proportions suit your body and which don't? Do you have any fail-proof combinations that you know work for you? Here we go again with the wide leg pants drama :)

How has your blog influenced your personal style? I've become much keener to experiment.