DIY: Dip Dye Dreamcatcher

Dip Dye DreamcatcherHow cool are dreamcatchers? They are supposed to filter out all bad dreams and only let positive and empowering ones pass through the net, down the feathers and into your head. Even if they don't quite live up to their dream-filtering expectations they still make a pretty original decorative piece. I wanted to make a more modern version of the traditional, earthy dreamcatchers, so I chose mainly white materials and yellow as an accent colour. This DIY took me about 1.5 hours and 10€. What you need: - A wire or wooden hoop - White feathers - Yellow acrylic paint - Cord ends - White leather thread - white string - Yellow and white beads Step 1: Dip dye the feathers If you hang up the feathers while drying instead of laying them down the excess colour will move downwards and create a pretty gradient effect, so tie your feathers onto a hanger or something similar before starting the dying process. Mix equal parts of bright yellow acrylic paint and water in a shallow bowl. Make sure the paint has dissolved completely before you dip in the lower half of each feather.

Step 2: Decorate the hoop I wanted the feathers to be the main focus of the dreamcatcher so I kept the hoop simple: Instead of using the traditional netting technique I just wrapped some white leather thread around the outside of the hoop, going further to the side in 1 cm increments until I came back to my starting point.

Step 3: Add the beads After the feathers have dried completely, add a cord end to each vane. Tie some string around the cord end and add your beads, then tie the end of the string to the hoop, leaving an equal space between each feather/string. I wanted the feathers to end at the same level, so I adjusted the amount of beads I used: more for the outer feathers, less for the inner ones. If you want you can use some superglue to strengthen all the knots.

Hang your dreamcatcher above your bed, and voila.. no more bad dreams :)

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