DIY: Woven Curb Chain Bracelet

SONY DSC fourSince this DIY I've been experimenting with mixing coloured thread and metal chains. I got the idea for this clever weaving technique from Honestly...WTF, and I decided to break free from my current favourite colour scheme of whites and pastels and make a super fat (turned out to be 1") , heavy and colourful bracelet :)  I've actually been saving this post for a while now because I'm going to give the bracelet to my cousin as a present. well I guess if you are reading this now, I will have done so already :) The only things you need for this DIY is a curb chain bracelet (or a just some curb chain and a lobster clasp) and lots of thread in different colours (I used the kind made for friendship bracelets). The basic idea is to weave the thread through the the curb chain, and essentially treat it like a stationary third strand. Cut two strands of thread of about 1.5m length. I used 6 pieces of thread for each strand (one 2:1 ratio of pink and green, the other 2:1 orange and white).  Then, weave the strands through the links of the curb chain (you can vary the look of the bracelet by making the braid tighter). Read Honestly WTF's post for a better explanation of the technique. Once you get the hang of it, it's super easy and addictive!

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