DIY: Curb Chain Strap Top

I'm pretty sure that every girl owns some version of the plain black spaghetti strap top. The ones you get for 5 Euros from H&M? Well, I had three of those, so one of them has been in my 'To-customise' pile for forever. Changing out the straps with some cool material is a really easy way to turn boring tops into something much more exciting. For this DIY I decided to go with curb chain in different metals, but you can also try raffia or leather or even just some thread. What you need: a plain black top, chain in three different colours (about 30cm of each), 4 jump rings, needle and thread, pliers and a wire cutter (or strong scissors) Step 1 + 2: Measure out how much chain you need for each strap. Do this while wearing the top, unless the material isn't stretchy at all. Cut your chains into the right length with the wire cutter. Step 3: Cut off the original straps of the top. Step 4 + 5: Sow a jump ring to each strap/top conjunction point (4 times) Step 6: With the pliers, open the jump rings and attach the chains.Make sure that the chains don't cross over on the shoulder. That's it!