Everyday Outfit: September


Last month was a busy one: We moved to Berlin! Our new apartment feels huge compared to our tiny London flat, and we don't nearly have enough furniture for it :) In a sense it is our first 'real' apartment, because unlike all of our previous student-y/fixed-term ones it came unfurnished, which means we can really make it our own, paint walls, drill holes, etc. We decided right at the beginning that we weren't gong to rush it and buy a ton of IKEA stuff just to fill it up - instead we are planning to take our time decorating/furnishing it and save up for things we love. The number one item I am still missing is a proper closet. At the moment, all my tops live on a fragile garment rack, the rest of my clothes are stacked in or on my suitcase - it's not ideal but I can live with it while I hunt down the perfect storage system for my wardrobe. For the first time space is not an issue, but somehow that does not really make the decision any easier :) I will of course keep you updated on my progress and show you the final set-up once it's all done!

My outfit in these photos is a good example of the colour scheme and proportions I have been wearing all month. The COS jacket was my biggest purchase and I adore it: It's made from felt, so it's very lightweight but warm, I also love the hood and the shorter cut. In London I could probably wear it all the way through winter, but here in Berlin I'd say until November if I'm lucky. Berlin winters are freezing, I'm not looking forward to it at all... The leopard loafers are from Kiomi (via Zalando), I got them right after I wrote the 20 Pieces / 20 Outfits: Fall edition post. It's funny actually, because I worked on that post before I started planning my fall wardrobe, but somehow all I am wearing these days is navy, burgundy, creme, grey, stripes, i.e. the exact colour palette I used as an example in the post. Accessory-wise I have rediscovered my old favourite: dark, 'nearly black' nail polish. Somehow, after a practically make up free summer, in fall I always tend to go back to 'proper' make up, including foundation, powder, mascara every day, eyeliner etc. :)

What was your go-to look this September?

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