Creating an On-the-Go Beauty Kit


Even low-maintenance beauty routines need a few touch-ups during the day, so if you are currently in the process of streamlining your product collection make sure you don’t ignore your on-the-go kit (I know all of my lip balms always end up accumulating in my bag if I’m not careful ;))! Over the past couple of months I tried to pay extra attention to which kinds of products I always end up needing when I’m out and about (hand cream), and which ones I ‘thought’ might be useful but never actually reach for (hair spray or nail polish remover wipes). Now, you might of course have more use for hair spray and less for hand cream on a day-to-day basis than I do; the ideal contents of your kit depend on your skin type, everyday make up look and also on where and how you spend your days. Regardless of your specific needs, an on-the-go kit should accomplish three things:

  • basic up-keep - Apart from keeping your make up intact, your beauty kit should also have you well-prepared for all sorts of minor beauty emergencies, think chapped lips, dry hands, broken nails, irritated eyes, and so on. Depending on where you live, it might also be a good idea to include a few things that will help you cope with sudden weather changes (hair ties or sun screen, for example).
  • touch-up your everyday make up - Even if you use long-wearing products when applying your make-up in the morning, some things (like lip gloss) are simply not meant to last for more than a few hours and will inevitably need at least one touch-up per day. Identify which ones of your products tend to fade by mid-day and then either include duplicates/dupes in your kit or see if you can find multipurpose solutions (e.g. use a lip and cheek stain to top up both your blush and lip colour).
  • change/amp up your make up - In case you spontaneously decide to go out for dinner after work or just feel like wearing a bright red lip, your kit should contain a few products that you can use to quickly add a bit of extra colour or definition to your regular day look.


Below you’ll find a few suggestions for items to include in your kit. If you can, figure out how many and which kinds of products you need BEFORE choosing a bag/case to store everything in. That way you won’t be tempted to lug around more than you need to just because you have some space left.

skin □ concealer/ product with coverage □ powder □ blotting papers □ compact mirror

make up (colour) □ lip balm □ everyday lip colour □ bolder lip colour □ cheek colour (stick or cream compact) □ eye liner □ eyelash curlers

body □ perfume vial □ eye drops □ hand cream/ multipurpose cream □ product with sun screen □ hygienic wipes/hand sanitizer □ nail file

hair □ brush/comb □ hair ties, hair pins □ mini hairspray or gel



To keep your on-the-go kit as light and portable as possible, try to find mini or travel-sized versions of your chosen products. Apart from a few exceptions, most product types can be found in travel-friendly portions or transferred to smaller containers.

Here’s what is currently in my on-the-go kit: MUJI blotting papers and Clinique’s Almost Powder (I have normal/combination skin during the summer, but in the winter I’ll swap these two for extra moisturizer + a creamy concealer), Neutrogena hand lotion with SPF filled in a clear container, a tiny BOSS Orange perfume vial, Clinique’s Chubby Stick in chunky cherry (my current everyday lip colour), mini eyelash curlers from MUJI (I usually don’t wear mascara when it’s this hot, so I at least want to make sure my lashes are curled ;)) and a black Urban Decay eye liner.

What is in your on-the-go beauty kit?