Storing Beauty Products: My 3-Level System


Just like my wardrobe, I want my bathroom cabinet to hold only products that I love and will definitely use. I'm also a fan of simplistic storage solutions and in theory would like everything to be kept in one place but since my tiny London bathroom is just too small to house my entire collection of beauty products (even though it's comparatively small and pretty well-edited), I had to come up with a new system. Fortunately, my beauty routines can be quite neatly divided into groups: I have a few essentials that I use nearly every day, a couple of body products and hair styling stuff that I need about twice a week or so, and a set of special occasion products that I only dip into once or twice a month. Since moving to London almost two years ago I have been organising my products according to these three groups and have kept only the first two groups in my bathroom and only the first group in plain sight on my bathroom counter. Besides reducing physical clutter, my system also does wonders for my daily routine, because I only ever see what I need at the time and am able to instantly find and grab my favourite mascara, for example, without having to dig through rows of other stuff. If you're on the market for a new way to organise your beauty products, read on for a quick guide to the 3-level system.

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daily essentials

Everyday make up products, daily skin care items, make up remover, signature scent, deodorant, brush, hair ties ...
Bathroom counters, shelves at eye-level, nightstand ...
Identify your main beauty area, for example your vanity or bathroom counter, and reserve it for your absolute essentials, i.e. products that you use every or at least every second day. Store everything in plain sight and in open containers so you can see and grab each product in an instant.


weekly essentials

Masks, scrubs, body lotions, razor, nail care utensils, tweezers, hair styling products, blow dryer ...
Top drawer, bathroom cabinet ...
Any item that you don't need every day but at least once per week should be stored within easy reach but does not need to be visible all the time. Obvious candidates are skin treatments, hair styling products, nail care utensils and hair removal products. Keep them in open containers in top drawers and bathroom cabinets.


monthly essentials

Special occasion make up, nail polish, hair styling tools, spare body/ hair products, off-season products  ...
Bottom drawers, boxes, back of shelves ...
Products that you don't reach for on a weekly basis should not take up valuable space in your main beauty area and can be stored out of sight. Relocate special occasion make up, your nail polish collection and other products that you only rarely use to boxes or other closed storage solutions.

How do you organise your beauty products?