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Since finishing my one-month minimalist beauty experiment, I've been busy researching possible new foundation/ skin care combinations. Now that my beauty cabinet is pretty much empty, I have the chance to reassess my needs and perhaps remedy the minor issues I had with my old solution. Here's a quick round up of my decision-making process:

The Old

For the past year I've been pretty happy with Bobbi Brown's Tinted Moisturizer and Natural Finish Long-Lasting Foundation. I would use the tinted moisturizer every day straight after washing my face, and the foundation for going out or when we took photos for the blog, over a light layer of moisturizer.

What I liked about my old solution
  • Having two levels of coverage to choose from.
  • Being able to apply both moisture and coverage in a single layer with the tinted moisturizer.
What was missing
  • Summer is approaching and although both the tinted moisturizer and foundation offer sun protection, I am pretty sure that I didn't apply enough of either of them to give me the full SPF 15 they promise. I don't actually think I would want to layer on any tinted product as heavily as needed, so the only solution would be to wear a separate moisturizer with sun protection underneath whatever base I choose.
  • I can pretty much skip powder during spring, fall and winter, but in the summer my t-zone can get a little shiny and needs regular powder touch ups. Ideally, my chosen powder product would come in a compact that I could take with me in my bag.

 The New

Although I am a fan of one-stop solutions, I came to the conclusion that only a combination of products would satisfy all of my criteria. After a lot of research on Makeup Alley, and several trips to the make up counters at Selfridges I chose these three products:

La Roche Posay Hydraphase UV Intense Legere  In the summer, my skin is less dry than during the rest of the year, but it is still dehydrated (i.e. it has enough oils but not moisture), making it the perfect match for the Hydraphase line by La Roche Posay. Their UV Intense moisturizer does a good job of calming my skin, but never feels heavy or greasy.

Clinique Almost Powder in fair  A powder with buildable coverage, that is not too drying. I use it both as a finishing powder over the tinted moisturizer or on its own over the Hydraphase moisturizer with a sponge for medium coverage. I chose this over Clinique's Superpowder because it had a slightly more lightweight feel and gives my skin a natural, satin finish rather than that typical powdery, matte look.

La Roche Posay BB cream in light  Although my old Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer served me well and I'm definitely going to repurchase it at some point, I was curious to try out La Roche Posay's BB cream. It only comes in two shades, but fortunately the lighter one fits my skin tone and also doesn't have a pinky/grey undertone that a lot of BB creams seem to have. It provides sheer to medium coverage and enough hydration that I can wear it without a separate moisturizer underneath.

Having not one but three products at my finger tips allows me to tailor my base to whatever my plans are each day. When I'm staying indoors I will probably just use the BB cream and stop there. If I'm going outside I will apply the moisturizer with SPF and a layer of powder on top to even out my skin tone and mattify my t-zone. For special occasions, photo shoots or bad skin days I'll use the BB cream and the powder on top for extra coverage.

Now that I think about it, last year around the same time in mid-May I also bought a whole new set of foundation and moisturizers that lasted me up until now. I guess May, the last month before it gets super hot, is a good time to reassess your skin and lifestyle and prepare for the summer season. Have you guys done the same yet? What is your go-to summer foundation?

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