DIY: Dainty Double Chain Ring

kpj I'm all for dainty, simple jewellery and I tend to wear the same pieces every day, but from time to time I will add either some kind of cocktail ring, one of my beloved ring bracelets or, this double chain ring: which is basically a mini version of a ring bracelet for your finger. It is one of the easiest jewellery DIYs I have ever done and literally takes no more than 5 minutes.


Materials: Two jump rings, chain, pliers, measuring tape and a wire cutter or strong scissors.


  • Measure the circumference of the base and top knuckle of your finger, where the two parts of the ring will sit. Also measure the distance between the two points and then cut the chain into three pieces of corresponding lengths.


  • Connect the chain pieces using jump rings and the pliers. That's it!



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