DIY: Honey Cocoa Lipbalm and Cheek Stain

SONY DSCOn the same day my go-to lip balm from the Body Shop ran out I stumbled across these beeswax bars at Whole Foods. Brilliant timing. A DIY lip balm has been on my to-make list for ages so I also picked up some raw cocoa butter and two little containers from MUJI and started cooking. Inspired by my favourite perfume, Prada Candy, I added some honey to the mix to create a very sweet, rich scent. The MUJI containers have the perfect evening clutch bag shape because they are super thin (I think they are meant to hold hairpins). To make the lip balm and stain melt the beeswax and cocoa butter in a pot at a low temperature and stir in a few drops of honey. I didn't follow any particular recipe and just eyeballed quantities; the more cocoa butter you use the creamier the lip balm will be. Add a bit of lipstick to make the lip and cheek stain. Once you have an even mixture, quickly pour it into the container and let it dry for a few minutes. Et voila: a super portable, completely natural lip balm and an almost completely natural cheek stain (depending on the lipstick you used :)).

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