DIY Turquoise Beaded Ring Bracelet

Turquoise beaded ring braceletTime for another ring bracelet (or slave bracelet) tutorial! Recently I have been experimenting with different designs and colour schemes and this is one of my favourite variations of the basic ring bracelet, with beads on a nylon thread as the middle piece. I like my bracelets to be relatively delicate and minimal, so I chose small transparent rocailles beads with a turquoise centre, but feel free to use any other colour/shape you like :) The pic above shows the basic design of a slave bracelet, consisting of a finger, middle and wrist piece. These are the measurements I use for all slave bracelets:

finger piece: 7.5 cm middle piece: 11.5 cm wrist piece: 16.5 cm (including clasp and jump rings)

I would say I have relatively normal sized hands :), but just check your own measurements if you think they might be smaller or larger. Always add one or two centimeters to your wrist and middle piece measurements so you can move your hand freely when wearing the bracelet. For example, if your wrist is 15 cm in circumference, your wrist piece should be at least 16 cm long including the jump rings and the clasp. If you're not sure, start with a longer length and adjust later. The wrist piece is made up of two pieces of chain; so subtract about 0.5-1 cm from the length you need and divide that number by 2, to get the measurements. In my case, I use two 8cm pieces of chain and a lobster clasp that is about 0.5 cm.

Materials: Pliers and a wire cutter, four jump rings, one clasp, three pieces of chain: 7.5 cm, 2x 8 cm, nylon thread and beads. Step 1- Finger piece Connect the ends of the 7.5cm chain with a jump ring. Make sure the ring is closed very tightly because the nylon thread that will be attached in the next step, can slip through the tiniest gaps.

Step 2- Middle piece  Tie the nylon thread around the jump ring and then start stringing up your beads until the bead part is about 11.5cm long.

Step 3: Middle -Wrist piece connection Connect the two 8cm pieces of chain with a jump ring and close tightly. Carefully tie the loose end of the nylon thread around the jump ring.

Step 4: Wrist piece Attach a jump ring to each end of the two 8cm pieces, and add a lobster clasp to one of them.

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