DIY Scrabble Wall Art

Supersize scrabble tiles! I got the idea from this cool shop on Etsy. The concept is simple: just cut out letters from a self-adhesive foil and stick it on some wooden squares. It does take a bit of time and a steady hand to cut out the little numbers and any round letters, but I think the end result is worth it. All you need are some wooden squares and self-adhesive black foil. I used chalk board foil just because it's matte. You can cut your own squares from a piece of wood (smooth out the edges), or buy them pre-cut. Make sure you have a couple of extra sheets of foil, in case you have to redo a letter.

On the back of the foil, draw the outlines of the mirror image of each letter. The foil I used had some guidelines on it which simplified the whole process a lot. You can also make your own stencil or use tracing paper.

Carefully cut out the letters. For straight lines, use a cutter and a ruler. Round letters and numbers other than 1s are pretty difficult to get right, definitely use curved scissors.Before taking off the back of the foil,  mark a few guides on the wooden square to make sure you place the letter centrally. You can hang the tiles with little nails or even just double-sided tape if they are light enough.

For all scrabble junkies: I challenge you to make 100 tiles (as many as there are in full set) and transfer all your scrabble-ing from the board onto your wall :)

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