DIY: Pastel Braid Bracelet

SONY DSCIf you check out the jewellery DIYs I posted on this blog, you'll see that they are mainly for bracelets. That's because I see bracelets as part of my outfit,  while earrings and necklaces are like my piercings: more a part of me than my outfit and I hardly ever change or even take them off. I also like necklaces that are special to me or remind me of something. I'll either wear a gold or a silver thin necklace with a little meaningful pendant. And I usually wear my hair down, so my ears aren't on show much, and I just leave on the same small hoop earrings 24/7. I wanted to create a bracelet with the colour scheme I have in mind for spring/summer, so something with lots of white, pastel colours and silver.  I totally want to learn how to make friendship bracelets, but since  I'm not quite there yet I just went with a simple braid and mixed different colours, textures and added some metal chain. I think I might make another one in brighter colours like pink and orange and make a really thick statement bracelet.  Here's a short tutorial for the one I made today:


  • thread in white, light green and lavender (about 40cm of each)
  • white leather string (40 cm)
  • about 20cm of silver chain
  • silver end caps with clasp
  • scissors and glue

Step 1: Cut the thread into nine pieces of about 20cm: 2 of each colour (green, lavender, white and white leather) and one of the silver chain. Lay them out in groups of three like on the photo (with the middle piece being a different colour). Tape the ends to a desk or something similar.

Step 2: Start braiding. To get a uniform pattern, make sure that the different coloured piece of thread stays in the middle of each strand.

Step 3: When you get to the end, secure it with some string, before you cut off the loose ends. Glue the ends of the braid into the end caps.

Step 4: If the bracelet is too short to fit around your wrist, add an extension with some more chain and a jump ring.

That's it! 

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