DIY: Mixed Metal Ring Bracelet

Mixed Metal Ring BraceletI got the idea for this DIY from this lovely mixed metal bracelet from Jewelmint. I love how they used rings in different colours and shapes to make a bracelet. I was really sad when I found out that Jewelmint doesn't ship to Europe, but I figured this is what DIY is all about: making and more importantly improving ready-made things. In this case I am improving the bracelet's affordability and accessibility :). I used to hate mixing gold and silver jewellery, I was always very strict about never wearing even the tiniest silver stud with a gold piece . But since I got my piercings (I have three, actually seven if you count those in my ears) and changing out my piercings every time was just too annoying. So lately I've really gotten into mixed metal jewellery, like my new favourite necklace.

Here is what you need to make this ring bracelet (can anyone come up with a better name ? :)): Various rings in silver and gold. I went through my jewellery stash and collected some old, cheap rings . You can see them in the pic below, in the box in which I organise all of my jewellery-making materials. It's rather empty right now, because I've been doing so many DIYs :). But I didn't like how the old rings looked together so I ended up buying two new sets of rings, one in silver from H&M and another in gold from Forever 21. They were about 3 pounds each. a toggle clasp jump rings in both silver and gold pliers

Lay out the rings and jump rings and decide how you want to arrange them, considering both the metal and the shape.  It's also a good idea to measure your wrist to see how many rings you will need. Using your pliers attach the rings and jump rings one after the other. Make sure that sticky out pieces like gemstones are all on one side of the bracelet.

Some pics of the final product:


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