Two Super Simple DIY Ideas

I wanted to share with you two DIYs I did in the last few weeks all in one post because in a different form they either already have their own tutorials on this blog or weren't my idea. All of them are the kind of DIY project I like best: quick to make but with a pretty end result.

What DIY projects have you guys finished recently? I am always looking for more ideas, do you have any suggestions for what I should do next?

Silver Slave Bracelet

I am so into slave bracelets at the moment. I used to only wear jewellery in gold, but since I have discovered pastel colours on my nails, I have switched to silver jewellery. That means I had to make another everyday slave bracelet! This one is even easier to make than the one in my original tutorial, it literally takes 2 minutes. I really like this one, it's kind of got this minimal feel to it.

Floating Vase

I got the idea for this from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and I am definitely planning on making more and playing around with colour. I can imagine this to look cool with maybe a bright orange canvas and pink flowers or a black canvas and a white orchid. Floating vases are a good option for those with cats that like to chew off flowers :)

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