DIY: The Amazingness of Drip Candles

This isn't really a DIY tutorial, but a fun idea I wanted to share with you. I hope you like it!

Drip candles were really popular in the 70s, and I think it's time they made their comeback!  I got the idea for this candle holder from the Almost Famous movie and I love it, I think it almost looks like a piece of art. It's definitely very decorative. It is not difficult to make, it just takes some time for the candles to burn down, but it is so worth it.


What you need: About 6 -8 drip candles - Make sure you use special drip candles, as most normal ones are designed to drip as little as possible, so you would not get the same effect. I got mine on ebay, I could not find them in the stores anywhere. Check the reviews first, some candles are labled as drip candles but don't work well. The wax should really be pouring down as soon as you light the candle. The candles I used were multicoloured ones, but you can get them in almost any colour.

A glass bottle - Shape is key, you want to find one with a wider bottom half (like the one on the left picture), so the wax can collect. Ideally the bottle would also have this bast cover thing, because the wax sticks to that better than to glass. And most importantly, there shouldn't be a ring around the top of the bottle neck (right picture), otherwise the wax will dry before it hits the bottle and won't stick.

Once you found the right bottle, put the first candle in (if it doesn't fit, thin it out with a knife), and light it. Sometimes the wax will melt unevenly. If this happens, light another (non drip) candle and hold it against the unmolten side. The wax might also build up above the top of the bottle neck, but I think it looks cool so I just left it. Then all you have to do is wait and repeat with as many candles as you want!

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