"The Curated Closet: A simple system for discovering your personal style and building your dream wardrobe"

The Curated Closet


My very first book "The Curated Closet: A Simple System for Discovering Your Personal Style and Building Your Dream Wardrobe" came out in September 2016. 

It’s a book about clothes (duh…), but not a book about fashion. It won’t tell you what to wear, what’s “flattering”, or how to look “better”, slimmer, younger, curvier, on-trend or “appropriate”. Because if there’s one thing women don’t need more of it’s rules on how to look.

“The Curated Closet” is about figuring out exactly what it is YOU want to wear. Whether that is disco-era sequin dresses, jeans and t-shirt every day or your own personal style concoction.

The book is essentially one big art project. It’s fun and creative, you’ll get your hands dirty and learn something about yourself. And in the end, instead of a macrame plant hanger or a refurbished coffee table, you end up with a wardrobe that’s custom-tailored to your style and life.

What else…. oh, you also learn how to shop in a smarter, more thoughtful way and there’s lots of step-by-step instructions, creative exercises, pep talks, infographics and lots of beautiful photographs shot by the lovely Anna Rose and Kelly Puleio.

You can order your copy of "The Curated Closet" here:

I also wrote a companion workbook for The Curated Closet! Scroll down for pics.


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Table of contents


Introduction: A tale of bargains, impulse buys, and seasonal must-haves

Closet Diagnostics: Why you don’t have anything to wear


1. The Curated Closet philosophy
2. Getting started: Define the status quo and set style goals


3. What your clothes say about you
4. Discover your style, phase I: Get inspired
5. Discover your style, phase II: Experiment and fine-tune
6. Putting it all together: Your style profile


7. Closet detox: The complete guide
8. How to build a wardrobe that fits your life (not your fantasy life)
9. Closet composition 101


10. Selecting a versatile color palette
11. Working with outfit formulas
12. Business hours: Tweaking your wardrobe for work
13. Overhauling your wardrobe: A step-by-step roadmap
14. How (and when) to build a capsule wardrobe
15. Become your own best stylist


16. How to shop like a conscious consumer
17. Decision time: When to buy and when to keep looking
18. How to stop overspending and make the most of your budget
19. Assessing garment quality: A beginner’s guide
20. Practical pointers for finding clothes that fit well
21. Maintaining and updating your wardrobe throughout the year: A timeline



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The Curated Closet Workbook

Worksheets, planners and checklists to help you work through every step of The Curated Closet, plus lots of bonus planners!

Available in two editions: US and German.