Anuschka Rees


Hi there! My name is Anuschka (pronounced ANN-ush-ka), I'm a writer, and I live in Berlin, Germany with my two cats, millions of books and one boyfriend. 

I used to blog on here, now I mostly work on books. My first book The Curated Closet came out in 2016 and has since been translated into a bunch of languages.

For the past two years I’ve been all wrapped up in my second book: Beyond Beautiful. It’s a practical, feminist, no-BS body image guide for the social media era – and essentially self-therapy. Read this for the whole background story.

I’m super active on the @beyondbeautifulbook Instagram account, and semi-semi-active on my personal account @anuschkarees. If you would like to write about Beyond Beautiful, or get in touch for another reason, you can also shoot me an email!

Please note that I unfortunately can’t help with school or university theses at the moment.